IT Consulting
Senior Led. Business Focused.

TEKenable’s consulting team have a depth of experience in technology that dates back over 30 years and is right up to date with the latest developments.  We take a “business first” approach to every assignment understanding the business objectives and translating that into actionable process and IT change.

We have been engaged to address many different challenges but typically the work that we do falls into one of the following categories:

Opportunity Realisation

How can I scale my business without driving costs up? Could Digital Transformation add 10% to my bottom line, 20%?

Problem Resolution

Escalating costs, Risk from competitors, Reliability issues, Inefficiencies in team, process or systems, Poor Quality and Performance, Late Deliveries, Supplier Issues?

Process Assessment

How can I optimize this Process and what IT changes are needed to better support it?  Could a Lean approach help?

System Reviews

Is this system doing what it needs to do?  Should we extend or retire it?  If we extend what should it do and what is the business case for that? What would a replacement look like, how much would it cost and how could that change my business?

Project Recovery

My project is running late, failing to deliver, is not delivering business value, how can I change this?

IT Strategy

Planning for the future, alignment of the IT Strategy to support the delivery of the Business Strategy.

IT Architecture

Right technology, used in the right way to deliver the desired outcomes.

We would love to hear from you about your business opportunities and challenges.