Do you have an Application that is not getting the care and attention that it needs? If you answer yes to any of the questions below then you will benefit from talking to our Application Managed Services team:

  • My application is business critical and needs better support and management than it has today?
  • My application is unreliable or its performance is poor?
  • My application is costly to maintain, operate or enhance?
  • My application is not covered with a support SLA that matches the business need?
  • My enhancements or changes take a long time, are costly or do not work as expected?
  • My current vendor’s performance is lacking or they are no longer interested or available?
  • My application’s Security has not been reviewed in a long time?
  • My application is using legacy technology and I am thinking of migrating it to a modern technology platform?

Services that we can provide under the Application Managed Service team include:

  • Managed SLA – Gold, Silver and Bronze SLA levels
  • Help Desk
  • Performance and Availability Monitoring and Alerting
  • Fault Rectification
  • Planned Enhancements
Service Add-Ons include:
  •  Capacity Planning
  •  Disaster Recovery
  •  License Review (with a view to saving money)
  • Certified SQL Server DBA services
  • Technology Update
  • Technology migration from Delphi, VB6 etc to .NET
  • Security Review and Improvement
  • Health Checks
  • Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure Managed Service – through our partners

We give some more details on each of these areas below